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我的儿子海伦 Mein Sohn Helen  (2015)

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【电影观看小贴士】:[TS/TC:抢先非清晰版] [DVD:普通清晰版] [BD:蓝光高清无水印版] [HD:1080/720P高清版] - 建议使用迅雷下载播放,以便更好匹配中文字幕

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我的儿子海伦 Mein Sohn Helen剧情介绍

    Tobias Wilke is surprised and shocked when he picks up his son Finn at the airport, after a year abroad in the USA. The 16-year-old now present himself as Helen. During his time in the US, (s)he has accepted that she has always felt like a girl in boy's body and now she dresses as such. Helen wants to undergo a gender reassignment surgery. While Tobias is shocked at first, then...

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