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孩童大爆炸 Baby Bump  (2015)

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【电影观看小贴士】:[TS/TC:抢先非清晰版] [DVD:普通清晰版] [BD:蓝光高清无水印版] [HD:1080/720P高清版] - 建议使用迅雷下载播放,以便更好匹配中文字幕

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孩童大爆炸 Baby Bump剧情介绍

    11-year-old Mickey House is no longer a child. But who is he…? He has no clue. He has no friends. His mom is an enigma to him. He hates what’s happening to his body. Reality and imagination blend together in a toxic mix. Events escalate at home and at school, everything becomes the extreme. Mickey has to find the strength within him to put a stop to what’s inevitable. Where wil...

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