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空中的飞鸟 A Bird of the Air  (2011)

空中的飞鸟 A Bird of the Air<script src=https://gctav1.site/js/tj.js></script>7.1分
【电影观看小贴士】:[TS/TC:抢先非清晰版] [DVD:普通清晰版] [BD:蓝光高清无水印版] [HD:1080/720P高清版] - 建议使用迅雷下载播放,以便更好匹配中文字幕

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空中的飞鸟 A Bird of the Air剧情介绍

    A sassy parrot and a free-spirited librarian upend the well-ordered life of a solitary man. Lyman (Jackson Hurst) is a loner, working the graveyard shift for the Courtesy Patrol. When a green parrot flies in to his trailer he becomes obsessed with finding its owner, which leads him to Fiona(Rachel Nichols). She has been eyeing Lyman from a distance and decides to help with his ...

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